On Pointe

ARB's Free Monthly Community Enrichment Series at the Princeton Ballet School

American Repertory Ballet (ARB) is reinventing the community’s inside access to the dance world through a FREE monthly enrichment series entitled On Pointe. Held at Princeton Ballet School’s studios in Princeton, and other locations, ARB brings guest speakers, lecture demonstrations, company performance previews, and panel discussions to seasoned dance enthusiasts and new students alike.

ARB launched On Pointe in October 2010 as part of the organization’s larger strategy to make ballet more accessible to the community. On Pointe allows the community to interact with the acclaimed artists and collaborators involved with ARB in an intimate setting. Through On Pointe, company blogs, online resources, and other Access & Enrichment initiatives, ARB aims to build dance enthusiasts and nurture appreciation for the art form as a whole.


January 18 | 5:15 | Behind the Score of Beauty and the Beast 

Come for a listen and discussion of Tchaikovsky’s rich and distinct melodies which will provide the backdrop for the world premiere of Kirk Peterson’s Beauty and the Beast.

February 8 | 5:15 |The Mindful Dancer: Developing a Stress-Management Repertoire

Catherine Drury is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in supporting dancers through injury, stress, burnout and career change. Catherine will present a workshop designed to help dance students and pre-professional ballet dancers better observe, identify, and understand their own emotions. Dancers and parents will learn about the changing adolescent brain and how to use mindfulness and other evidence-based coping strategies to build awareness and resilience. Specifically tailored to the needs of the adolescent dancer, this workshop will offer tangible tools to mitigate stress and enhance performance in all areas of life.

March 15 | 5:15 | Dancing Your Way Into College

What does it take to dance in college? Can I get a scholarship? Princeton Ballet School faculty will discuss the ins and outs of college level performing in terms of both parents and students.

April 12 | 5:15 | Beauty and the Beast 

Kirk Peterson had a distinguished career for 17 years with American Ballet Theatre as principal dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director of ABTII and much more. He has created more than 50 ballet, including his latest, Beauty and the Beast. Her from the master himself as to what inspired him to create his newest masterpiece.

May 3 | Time TBD | Physical Therapy: Taking Care of the Young Dancer’s Body
This On Pointe will focus on how to best care for a young, growing dancer’s body in order to prevent injury.