Assemblies & Residencies


Our educational residencies connect with classroom goals, engage students, and encourage critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity! ARB works with teachers to create interactive residencies that address specific curriculum requirements and are appropriately tailored to your class. Grades Pre-K through 12.

Early Childhood Movement Programs

ARB can partner with your pre-school, daycare, or childhood development center to offer enrichment classes in creative movement and ballet. Available both during the school day or as an after-school activity. Ages 3+.

Storytelling and Dance

Find out how ARB can connect with your school, library, or community center through our literature-based programming, including Nutcracker Story Times. These programs are a wonderful way to introduce your youngest audience members to the world of dance! Grades Pre-K through Grade 2.

For more information please contact Lindsay Cahill at 732.249.1254, ext. 19 or