Flex Program Advanced Division | 18-19 School Year


Level 7 - Flex
Level 7 Flex and Accelerated Flex continue to work on integrating energy and strength into movement. The level of difficulty throughout the class greatly increases, from the height and rotation of the legs to the number of turns and refinement of the turning position as well as the presentation, power and beating of the jumps. The students are expected to present and maintain a higher degree of proper line and placement as they move throughout the class.
Level 6 - Flex
Level 6 Flex is a class that meets three times a week, and is available to students with many years of ballet training, solid in their basic technique, and ready to start working on more complicated combinations. This class focuses on retaining clean technique while enjoying moving into the advanced phase of vocabulary and combining of steps. This class is for the general student aiming towards dance as a recreational part of her/his life, or towards a possible career in dance forms other than ballet.