Flex Program Student Division

The Flex Program is for students of a variety of levels. It requires 1 class per week in Levels 1 and 2; 2 classes per week Levels 3, 4 and 5; and 3 classes per week in Level 6. Flex students who progress beyond Level 6 can take Open Enrollment classes.

Students age 7 and above with previous dance experience will need a Placement classTo schedule, please contact Elena Konovalov 609.921.7758, ext. 11 or email ekonovalov@arballet.org . See schedule HERE.

All uniforms for Princeton Ballet School students can be ordered from Giselle of Princeton. Additional items such as jackets and cover-ups can be purchased as well. For complete details, hours of operation and more, please email giselleorders@gmail.com (or leave a message for her on the office phone 267-392-5866). Thank you!

2019-2020 registration is now available.


Level 1 - Flex
Level 1 Flex begins a more sophisticated and in-depth study of ballet. The work includes an introduction to barre, plus many new balletic jumps. Expectations for self-control and focus are also raised, while retaining the joy of movement.
Level 2 - Flex
Level 2 Flex marks the beginning of a more serious approach to classical dancing than that taken in the previous levels. Here, we polish and perfect the basics, laying the foundation for future adventures. A lot of attention is paid to correct alignment, not only of the torso, but also of the leg, ankle and foot, and to correct understanding of the turnout.
Level 3 - Flex
Level 3 Flex is a very challenging level. We teach many new steps, and expect a much more sophisticated level of form and fluency. Technique is very important to strengthen muscles and ligaments in order to avoid future injuries. Small misplacements of ankles and other joints need to be corrected at this level, so that the dancers may be ready for pointe shoes in Level 4. Coordination and timing of arm gestures, head movements, and legwork is also emphasized. It usually takes one to two years to accomplish these goals.
Level 4 - Flex
Level 4 Flex initiates the study of pointe work, for the girls, and continues the acquisition of many more jumps and turns. Alignment is honed and barre work becomes more complex. The syllabus for this level adds beats to the jumps, which increases the demand for concentration, strength, and stamina. It usually takes one to two years to accomplish these goals.
Level 5 - Flex
Level 5 Flex is for students who know all of the basics of the ballet vocabulary, and who have had at least one year of pointe study (generally more).Level 5 builds the mental and physical stamina to learn and perform more complex and longer combinations of steps with a higher degree of accuracy. We also spend a lot of time working on the coordination of head and arms, to take the dancers to a higher level in this area as well. In a larger sense we focus on the flow of energy through the body and limbs, which create the harmonious lines while moving through space that are the hallmark of ballet.
Middle School Ballet
Middle School Ballet is suitable for young people with some prior dance training, who are seeking to review their skills and improve their technique, and also for young people who are starting ballet for the first time. The teachers adapt the class to the level of the group, teaching them the most important elements of balletic placement, port de bras (carriage of the arms), turnout, and foot usage, while also introducing and/or reviewing the basic elements of the jumping work, or petit allegro. All attempts are made to prepare the students to move ahead several levels at the end of the year.