Pre-Primary Division

No audition or placement class is required for Pre-Primary Division classes. Placement and advancement are based on age as of October 1st.

All uniforms for Princeton Ballet School students can be ordered from Giselle of Princeton. Additional items such as jackets and cover-ups can be purchased as well. For complete details, hours of operation and more, please email (or leave a message for her on the office phone 267-392-5866). Thank you!



Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand is designed for three and four year old dancers and their parents. The class will focus on discovering the world of rhythm and dance through gentle exercises and dances hand in hand.
Our Pre-Ballet class is designed for the three and four-year-old student who is ready to dance without a parent or caregiver. This class is the perfect way to explore the world of rhythm and dance through gentle exercises and creative movement. Parents, please note: Our teachers and staff will not be available to assist your young dancer with rest room needs.
Beginning Dance
Beginning Dance is a class for the four or five year old pre-Kindergarten dancer. This class explores the body’s dance capabilities, and the world of rhythm and music. Each class has a theme relating to movement and music qualities, and features lots of stories and opportunities for creative movement.