Level 5 – Conservatory

Level 5 Conservatory is for students who know all of the basics of the ballet vocabulary, and who have had at least one year of pointe study (generally more). Level 5 builds the mental and physical stamina to learn and perform more complex and longer combinations of steps with a higher degree of accuracy. We also spend a lot of time working on the coordination of head and arms, to take the dancers to a higher level in this area as well. In a larger sense we focus on the flow of energy through the body and limbs, which create the harmonious lines while moving through space that are the hallmark of ballet.

4 classes per week plus Character class
12 and older

Information and Registration Packet

This level requires a placement class.  Please contact Lisa de Ravel atlderavel@arballet.org or 609.921.7758 x11 for placement in this level prior to registering.

Online registration for NEW Princeton Ballet School students