Level 6 – Conservatory

Level 6 Conservatory continues to work on integrating energy and strength into movement. The level of difficulty throughout the class greatly increases, from the height and rotation of the legs to the number of turns and refinement of the turning position as well as the presentation, power and beating of the jumps. The students are expected to present and maintain a higher degree of proper line and placement as they move throughout the class. Dancers at this level are expected to grasp advanced concepts and discern and apply corrections quickly. As well as maintaining a high level of weekly class attendance, students of this level must work very hard physically while staying extremely focused mentally throughout the class. Dancers are allowed one to three years in this level to achieve these goals, depending on their individual ability, attendance, and work.

5 classes per week with pointe, Character Class and Princeton Ballet Workshop

This level requires a placement class.  Please contact princetonballetschool@arballet.org for placement in this level prior to registering.


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