Nancy Dow


Nancy Dow received her ballet training in New York City, where her earliest
teachers included Vladimir Dokoudovsky and Nina Stroganova, charter
members of American Ballet Theatre. She studied and performed with
Wilson Morelli during high school, and then attended Smith College,
graduating with honors in Dance. While at Smith, Ms. Dow directed the
Children’s Ballet Program. She was also a soloist with the Five College
Moving Company, a group of dance faculty and accomplished students,
who performed throughout New England. While injuries precluded a full
performing career, Ms. Dow loved to teach. She completed courses in
ballet pedagogy with Don Farnworth, and taught at his school in New York
City. Members of the Paul Taylor and Jose Limon dance companies took
her classes there. Ms. Dow taught, created and directed ballet programs for
ten years in Manhattan, and has continued to do so in Central New Jersey
for more than 25 years. She enjoys, and has expertise with all levels of
ballet students, from 5 year olds through adult professionals. Former
students went on to dance with New York City Ballet, American Ballet
Theatre and PDX Contemporary Ballet. She was featured in the July 2015
issue of Dance Teacher Magazine. Nancy Dow is an ABT® Certified
Teacher, successfully completing the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in
Pre Primary through Level 7 of the ABT National Training Curriculum.