Aldeir Monteiro Interview


Where are you from and how long with ARB?
AM: I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been dancing with ARB since 2016. 

What was the biggest culture shock and/or something you miss from your home country?
AM: Definitely the food and the weather. I was fortunate to live in Florida before moving to New Jersey. That first winter was rough. What I miss the most is my family, the beach, the food and the parties. 

What has been your most meaningful role with the company?
AM:  Albrecht in Giselle is by far one of the most meaningful roles in my career. Also, José Límon’s There is a Time has its spot in my heart. 

Do you have an embarrassing or humorous performance moment?
AM: When I was 16 years old at a competition, the heel of my shoe came out and I had to dance with the shoe half off for solid 2 minutes until finally I lost it! It was a very embarrassing moment; I could hear the audience giggle. 

Most awe-inspiring moment?
AM:  Being coached by living legend Edward Villella for the role of “Waltz Boy” in  George Balanchine’s Serenade



How are you adjusting to life in quarantine?
AM: It’s been a little tricky for me to adjust during this time. I am a very energetic person, and spending time outside is one of my favorite things. I miss it very much. 

What does your daily life look like during this time? Do you have a routine that you follow?
AM: I’ve been trying to keep a regular schedule, I try to wake up and go to bed at a certain time every day. I allow time in my day to walk at the park nearby, then I alternate ballet classes with some yoga practice. I also spend a good time in the kitchen! 

How are you adjusting to taking class and seeing friends via Zoom?
AM: Zoom has been a great tool to help us stay connected. Even though it isn’t the same as being in the studio with my work colleagues, if feels like we are united every time we take class together, which is amazing!

What is the hardest thing about this time for you right now?
AM: I am a very anxious person, and having all this time in my hands at home can be very overwhelming. Trying to keep myself occupied and away from overthinking things and feeling low is my main challenge during this time. 

What gives you comfort?
AM: Dancing and watching dance, talking to my close friends, lots of food, good music. 

Are there things that you’re enjoying?
AM: Even though I struggle with having so much time in my hands, it’s also great to have it. I am enjoying having this time on my own, to do things that I’ve postponed for long such as finish the TV series I left behind, and I’ve never had the time to listen to music recommended by friends, and make dishes that I am tired or lazy to cook. 

What is the first thing you want to do when we are able to gather again?
AM: I would love to go see my family in Rio, I was planning to go see them this summer, after 4 years that I’ve been away. 

What are you reading/listening to/watching?
AM: I am currently reading the book The Return of the Caravels by António Lobo Antunes. I am always down to listen to some good old bossa nova, but I also love some indie-pop music. I am watching a lot of things now, including Money Heist, Schitts Creek and Pose.  


What is something people may not know about you?
AM: I am left handed. 

Favorite quote?
AM: “Never discourage someone that improves, no matter how slow is the improvement.”

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?
AM:  I’d probably be doing something related to the Arts or History. I would love to work at an Art Gallery or a Museum. 

You’re hosting a dinner party, who is there?
AM: Audrey Hepburn, FKA Twigs, Emma Watson, Tom Jobim, Rudolf Nureyev, George Balanchine, Vaslav Nijinsky, Maurice Bejart.

Aldeir Monteiro began his training at the Centro de Arte e Dança de Campo Grande in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, coached by Daniel Mendéz and directed by Alice Arja. Aldeir won the Bronze Medal at the  XVIII International Dance Seminar of Brasilia, in 2008. He continued his training at the Miami City Ballet School and joined the Miami City Ballet in 2012 under the direction of Edward Villella, followed by Lourdes Lopez. Aldeir performed in the original cast of Euphotic choreographed by Liam Scarlett for the Miami City Ballet in 2013. His repertoire includes Alexei Ratmansky’s Symphonic Dances, Sir. Frederick Ashton’s Les Partineus, Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, Serenade, La valse and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Paul Taylor’s Piazolla Caldera, John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet and others. Since joining ARB in 2016, Aldeir has performed features and principal roles such as “Cavalier” in The Nutcracker, “Lysander” A Midsummer Nights Dream, “Matador” in Kirk Peterson’s Carmen, “Franz” in Coppelia, Paul Taylor’s Airs, José Límon’s There is a Time, Gerald Arpino Sea Shadow and “Jean de Brienne” in Kirk Peterson’s Glazunov Variations. Recent Credits: “Albrecht” in Giselle, Trey McIntyre’s Blue Until June, Septime Webre’s Fluctuating Hemlines and Riccardo De Nigris’ Beyond the Normal.