Open Enrollment Classes

Open classes are intended for students ages 13 and over. This includes intermediate and advanced drop-in classes and enrollment sequences for beginner students. Intermediate and advanced adult students may also opt to enroll in a series of classes.

*Schedule update:  Friday CoMBo resumes January 17.  Tuesday CoMBo resumes January 28.  Friday Tap and Hiphop resume January 31

2019-2020 Open Enrollment Schedule

We have a long history and a strong track record of providing high-quality dance instruction to adult students. Many of our adult students have told us that other ballet schools seem to only offer a couple of classes for adults as an after-thought, with teachers who are not really interested in training adults. But Princeton Ballet School has over 30 classes weekly specifically for adult students. These classes are led by knowledgeable, charismatic and caring teachers who are here to help you explore new types of dance safely, improve your technique, and have a great time, too.

Who else will you find in your class? People of all ages from 13 to 70 plus. Most of our dancers are adults from all walks of life, who enjoy dance class as their life sport. Some are retired dancers or local dance teachers from other studios and colleges, who take class to keep up their skills and strength. We also have many dancers who are students at Rider University, as we provide the studio classes for the degree in Fine Arts with a dance specialization offered by Rider. We extend a warm welcome to all, and have many different levels of class to accommodate dancers of all skill levels.

Ballet and modern dance classes are accompanied by one of our staff of a dozen highly-skilled accompanists.

You can participate in these classes in three different ways, depending on the amount of background you have:

  1. BEGINNERS for all dance forms follow a special calendar and payment schedule.
  2. INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED DANCERS — may purchase single classes for any type of dance at any time.
  3. INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED DANCERS — may also purchase dance cards to get a reduced rate by buying in bulk. There are also specially priced dance cards for college students, and special rates for professional dancers.*
  4. PROFESSIONALS – working professional dancers or dance teachers can purchase Dance Cards at a special rate.  Please speak to Cindy Mahoney at the Princeton studio to discuss procedures for receiving this special rate.*

Adult Dance Cards: $185
Student Dance Cards: $135
Single Classes:  $20

*CardioBallet in Cranbury takes places on Saturdays at 8:30-9:15 AM

Registration Form for Open Enrollment Beginners


CoMBo: Conditioning for Mindbody
A holistic movement system that integrates concepts in Neuroscience, Pilates, Yoga, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis, the foundations of classical dance, and dynamic movement. It begins with a Moving Meditation, morphs into Core and Strength work, then applies concepts learned into choreography and improvisation. CoMBo attends to Breath, Grounded-ness, Core strength, Balance and Openness, and promotes integration and well-being.
Dances of the World – Balinese Dance
Dance and music are sacred art forms in Bali and are based on Hindu and pre-Hindu traditions and function as a window into Balinese culture. Our Balinese dance program will provide an introduction to both Balinese culture and dance. Students will study Tari Desar Laki (male form) and Tari Desar Wanita (female form) along with Tari Pendet – a graceful welcoming dance, and Tari Bari – a fierce warrior dance. Join us in our Princeton Studio - Wednesdays, 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., January 8, 15, 22 & 29.
Dances of the World – Tap Dance
Tap dance – an American legacy. In this class we study the development of sound and rhythm through the use of the feet. A variety of classic tap styles and steps will be taught, giving students the opportunity to develop their tap technique in a fun-filled environment. Princeton Studio - Wednesdays, 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., November 6, 13 & 20.
In this 45-minute class, we will focus on understanding and strengthening the deeper, postural muscles that support our structure. These muscles lead to optimal alignment and efficiency, resulting in better function, more ease of movement and less chance of injury. The class will be informative while also providing you with a good workout. Join us on Tuesdays in our Princeton Studio at 10:30 a.m. or 11:15 a.m. to find your inner power.
Dances of the World - Bharatanatyam
Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular and widely practiced classical dance styles of India, with sculptural evidence dating back nearly 3000 years. A highly spiritual and dedicatory dance form, Bharatanatyam‘s roots go back to the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu in South India. The dance moved from temples to theaters over time, but has retained its characteristic devotional component, expression of human emotions and stylized storytelling. The flexibility of the Bharatanatyam framework lends itself well to both traditional themes as well as modern day subjects and also can be performed by soloists or in groups. Princeton Studio - Wednesdays, 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., October 16, 23 & 30.
Hip Hop
John "Comix" Barrella delivers a class based on a range of street dance techniques. Using the most important foundational movement in hip hop, breaking (breakdancing), locking and popping, this class helps students understand the full scope of rhythms and concepts that make up street dance. Each style is utilized in ways that help dancers understand dancing in its purest form, as well as modernized forms that stay true to authentic hip hop. An emphasis on technique, freestyle and abstract movement creates a hip hop experience that is rich and motivating for every dancer.
Dances of the World - Flamenco
Our flamenco classes will include the study of flamenco rhythms and clapping, heelwork, movements of the arms, shoulders, wrists and fingers, as well as an introduction to the structure of dances such as farruca and alegrias. Princeton Studio – Wednesdays, 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., September 11 through October 2 and December 4 through 18.
Open Enrollment Contemporary
Our contemporary class will focus on finding movement that originates from the ground up. Feeling the floor and remaining grounded throughout movement not only allows for a more fluid and elegant motion, but it also provides stability and increases the possibility of shapes that the dancer can create.
Ballet - Beginner Adult Open Classes
For the total beginner, or for those returning to the study of ballet. Basic barre work and placement are introduced, and the study of many petit allegro steps begins.
Ballet - Intermediate Adult Open Classes
The intermediate class is for students with a good grasp of barre and center work. Some knowledge of pirouettes will be assumed, and more study will continue. Jump combinations will become more complex.
Ballet - Advanced Adult Open Classes
Dancers in the class are a mix of current and retired professionals from ballet and modern dance companies, students from Rider and Princeton Universities, Princeton Ballet School faculty members, our professional company members during lay-off weeks, and community members with strong ballet experience. Most dancers in this class are taking class multiple days of the week, but drop-ins are welcome as well.
Beginner Modern Dance - Adult Open Classes
If you are looking for a class to pop music, you’re thinking of jazz class. If you are looking for a class with both a seated and standing warm-up, followed by combinations done to a variety of musical accompaniment, ranging from Bach to contemporary improvisation, you’re in the right place.
Int./Adv. Modern Dance - Adult Open Classes
Each different teacher takes the class in different directions, as does each dancer! If you are looking for a class to pop music, you’re thinking of jazz class. If you are looking for a class with both a seated and standing warm-up, followed by combinations done to a variety of musical accompaniment, ranging from Bach to contemporary improvisation, you’re in the right place.
CardioBallet is for anyone looking for a good workout – the barre exercises work the major muscle groups, lengthen the torso and strengthen the core, and additional dance-related exercises will give a good cardio workout.