Primary Division

No audition or placement class is required for Primary Division classes. Placement and advancement are based on age as of October 1st.

All uniforms for Princeton Ballet School students can be ordered from Giselle of Princeton. Additional items such as jackets and cover-ups can be purchased as well. For complete details, hours of operation and more, please email (or leave a message for her on the office phone 267-392-5866). Thank you!



Primary A
Primary A begins the study of classical ballet, combining its teacher-directed basics with lots of imaginative dancing. Dancers work on basic body alignment from the very beginning, to build safe habits for future work.
Primary B
Primary B continues and deepens the study of classical ballet begun in Primary A. The dancers start working on skills to gain strength and balance. The class works on listening skills, responsiveness to directions, and awakening self-control and focus. The second portion of the class centers on gross motor movements, while instilling the joy of dance.
Primary C
Primary C continues to develop the use of turnout and balletic alignment while expanding the young dancers’ knowledge of ballet vocabulary. They continue to work on listening skills, responsiveness to directions, and increased self-control and focus. The gross motor skills become more challenging and balletic, while retaining the joy of movement.