Ballet – Beginner Adult Open Classes

Ballet is our middle name, as it were. All of our ballet teachers are passionate advocates of the art form, and love to share its benefits with others. We feel strongly about its health benefits, which include increased balance and flexibility, and improved muscle strength and cardiovascular health. We also love hearing the classics of the piano repertory played for us, and sharing this music with you as we dance together. And we enjoy introducing you to a study that so focuses the brain on the present moment that we come out of class relaxed and energized.

For the total beginner, or for those returning to the study of ballet. Basic barre work and placement are introduced, and the study of many petit allegro steps begins.

For women, leotard and tights are a necessity. You can wear any colors you like. In these adult classes, we do allow you to wear additional warmers, teeshirts, skirts or dance pants, but do be aware that too many layers limit the ability of the teacher to see problems and assist you. Our ballet classes are designed to be taken in ballet shoes, as opposed to pointe shoes. Men should wear tights, dance belt, and close-fitting teeshirts. As mentioned above, extra warmers, hoodies, etc., are allowed, but do limit our teaching assistance.