Beginner Theater Dance – Adult Open Classes

A classic jazz warm-up, then American theater dance in center combinations. Assumes prior dance training.

Michael Nickerson-Rossi’s Theatre Dance class will encompass a pointed focus on both, technique and performance. Theater segment will attribute to  exploration of qualities and dynamics in performance through technique, improvisation, and compositional studies. The Dance component of class you can expect his exciting energy, multi-paced movement and teaching style will be sure to motivate and encourage his students, yet challenge them all the same. Dancers should expect to sweat, perform and take their style, technique and performance to the next level. Dancers will focus on enhancing their personal movement style as well as being a fully informed ‘mover of the performing arts!’
Clothing: Michael  would like to see everyone in black leotard and tights for the women, teeshirt, dance belt and tights for the men. Jazz pants are fine instead of tights for either gender. Jazz oxfords are the best type of shoe for this class. Hair should be pulled back neatly for the females.