Int./Adv. Modern Dance – Adult Open Classes

Modern Dance is, with jazz dance, one of the great American contributions to the art form. Modern dance, sometimes referred to as concert dance, or classic modern dance, is a type of dance centered on personal expression through strength, musicality and coordination. Each different teacher takes the class in different directions, as does each dancer! If you are looking for a class to pop music, you’re thinking of jazz class. If you are looking for a class with both a seated and standing warm-up, followed by combinations done to a variety of musical accompaniment, ranging from Bach to contemporary improvisation, you’re in the right place.

Women should wear leotards and tights with no feet, or dance pants. We would prefer black tights to pink for these classes. Men should wear teeshirts, dance belt, footless tights or dance pants. Additional layers of teeshirts, warmers, etc., are allowed, but too many layers really limits the teacher’s ability to help you.