Our flagship residency program, DANCE POWER, is the longest continuously running community/arts partnership in the state, serving nearly 800 New Brunswick students each year. All 3rd grade students in New Brunswick receive DANCE POWER in their physical education class for 20 weeks. At the 3rd grade culminating performance, Waiting in the Wings, 40 scholarships are presented to students so they can continue dancing at our Princeton Ballet School from 4th grade through their senior year of high school on scholarship.

DANCE POWER is designed to support cross-subject learning, and all of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Over 50,000 public school students in the New Brunswick area have reaped the rewards of dance education through this acclaimed program since its inception in 1986.

A collaboration with the New Brunswick Board of Education, it is the longest-running arts/community partnership in New Jersey.

The curriculum for the program was originally written by a committee of dance educators and New Brunswick school administrators and remains a working document that is updated regularly to meet and exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts.

As a finale to their DANCE POWER experience, students are invited to show off their new skills in front of friends and family in a culminating performance. The final performance is highly-anticipated and serves as a powerful visual reminder of the programs impact on the local community; the sheer number of people in attendance and energy in the theater is impressive.

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DANCE POWER Scholars Program

DANCE POWER students with a true passion for and interest in dance are given the opportunity to attend ARB’s Princeton Ballet School on full scholarship. Each year, ARB awards over 40 new scholarships to students: referred to as DANCE POWER Scholars, these students may continue their dance training on scholarship through their high school graduation. Recent years have seen the largest retention of DANCE POWER Scholars in our history. Scholars frequently audition for and perform in ARB’s Princeton Ballet School productions, as well as productions with the American Repertory Ballet professional company. Additionally, Gregory Hines, the honorary national chair for DANCE POWER before his untimely passing, donated the initial funds for an endowment at Rutgers University that earmarks annual funds for a DANCE POWER student to attend the University.

DANCE POWER Teaching Artists

 Nicole Bednar, Lindsay Cahill, Shannon Dolan, Amanda Kazalonis, and Olivia H. Musanti