Afternoon of a Faun

Premiered in Hartford Connecticut by the Hartford Ballet on October 30, 1997 as part of the company’s Fire and Ice II program. Peterson was Hartford Ballet’s Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer at the time.

“[Peterson’s] Faun retains its setting of a Grecian idyll, but the characters, a faun that is half-human/half-beast and a flirtatious nymph, interact with more tender innocence than Nijinsky’s originals, which caused a scandal at the 1912 premiere in Paris with their eroticism… Peterson’s movements seem like the natural expression of Debussy’s heated music….a re-interpretation [with] stunning impact.”
– Tony Angarano, The Courant

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In May 1997, Ann Scarpova, former soloist with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, over 50 years distinguished and prominent New York City ballet teacher, widow of legendary Premier Danseur Igor Youskevitch, and mother of Maria Youskevitch (distinguished Princeton Ballet School faculty), passed away. Donations at her funeral went towards Peterson’s new production of Afternoon of a Faun.

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“The ‘Alpha Faun,’ of the five was superbly danced by Mattia Pallozzi. It was he who sensuously and sinuously wrapped himself around the nostrils, thighs, and earlobes of ‘The Nymph,’ deliquescently danced by Karen Leslie Moscato. The other four fauns were vehemently danced by the feral Cameron Auble-Branigan, Alexander Dutko, Jacopo Janelli, and Edward Urwin.”
– Ralph Malachowski, Out in Jersey