Patrick Corbin, one of Martin’s fellow dancers at the Joffrey Ballet, has choreographed his new work Caress on ARB dancers to composed Kate Jewel’s 8 Movements. “My jumping off point is the moment we fall in love,” he says. Throughout the rehearsal and creation process, Corbin generated some movement through collaborative improvisation with the dancers. His work has a contemporary dance base with the finesse of balletic line.

“I’m working from a visceral place. My jumping off point is the moment we fall in love. I want the movement to be: lyrical, soft, round, warm, billowy, sturdy, ecstatic, painful, burning, obsessive, frantic, and passionate.”
 Patrick Corbin, during the choreographic process

Press Quotes

“Improvisation, an equal-opportunity dance genre in which the exchange of weight is key, with the weightless illusions of classical ballet and the supportive partnering that pointework demands.”
– Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger

“In Caress, which combines two of Ms. Jewel’s short pieces into one, creating seven ‘songs’, Mr. Corbin also listens and sees, and choreographs without judgement — but in doing so speaks volumes. This wasn’t multiple snapshots of the same image: Each of the segments had its particular choreographic and emotional virtues, and I found Mr. Corbin’s choreography to be vibrant, inventive and multi-faceted.”
– Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance