Faerie Tyme

Faerie Tyme Synopsis:

I. The Faeries and the Changeling:
A band of trooping fairies travel through the forest. A baby is stolen from its cradle and given to the Faerie Queen. The faeries place a bundle of enchanted twigs into the cradle as a replacement…a changeling.

II. Banquet and Celebration:
Eighteen faerie years have passed, though faerie time travels slower than human time. A festive banquet is taking place. The baby has grown into a young woman. The baby blanket she was stolen in has been wrapped around her waist as an apron. It has been enchanted, and protects her in the Faerie realm, allowing her to mature amongst the faeries in a human fashion. She is cherished by the Queen, but she is not quite one of the faerie folk. Nevertheless, her life has been spent within the faerie hills and circles. The girl has learned to accept the faeries’ capricious natures. The Queen rises and promenades the girl. All of the faeries acknowledge that it is the girl’s special day except for one. This Jealous Faerie not only resents the queens’ attention to a mere human, but she is also in love with the male faerie who admires the girl. She is a jealous faerie indeed!

III. Toasts and Transformations:
The Queen calls for a toast prior to the girl’s transformation. The moment of transformation arrives. The blanket/apron is removed and the girl is bestowed with a locket that will make her age as the faerie folk do. More incantations occur and the transformation is complete. The Girl is as much a faerie as is possible. She will continue to live amongst the faerie folk, but now as one of them, and she will age as slowly as they do. The Queen repays the Jealous Faerie with a slight of her own. The Admiring Faerie is enthralled with the girl even more now that the transformation has taken place. Much to the Jealous Faerie’s chagrin!

IV. Faerie Fun-Cuckoos Dance:
The Jealous Faerie changes the mood and decides to have some fun at the Girl’s expense. Faeries are always happy to indulge in a little mischief! A hapless human is lured by the faerie music and bumbles into the magic circle. The faeries are intrigued!

V. Seduction:
The faeries entice the visitor to partake of their food and drink, which everyone knows is something one must never do!

VI. Realizations and Affirmations:
The Girl faces what she has guessed at all along – that she is not one of the faeries. She feels a kinship to the stranger. His heart beats like hers. He possesses all of the traits that have always set her apart. The Faerie Admirer sees her yearning and dilemma. He tries to persuade the Girl not to pursue her curiosity, but the Girl must know. She releases the Stranger from his drug induced torpor with a foxglove plant. He regains his senses and longs for his own world. He tells the Girl about their world, and she decides to leave with him. Of course one can never leave the faerie world without their express permission. Beside the jealous faerie is there to cause mayhem of her own!

VII. Discovered:
The plans to escape are discovered and viewed by the Queen as disloyalty. The Queen also wants to keep the man as her consort and does not look kindly on their mutual escape plans. The darker side of her nature is evoked.

VIII. Atonement and Pleas:
The Girl begs the Queen’s forgiveness, but the Queen is not in a forgiving mood. She wants the man to stay with her. There is pleading back and forth between all…The Queen finally shows her magnanimous side once more by revealing the fate that awaits the two humans. The man has lived in the faerie world briefly and has aged only 15 years. The Girl, however, would be an ancient woman upon her first steps outside the magic circle. The Stranger wants no part of this strange and enchanted world of light and darkness. He readily accepts the Queen’s offer of escape.

IX. Together Forever:
The girl’s fate is sealed. She is destined to live amongst the faeries in all their moods and oddities for a very long time. But the love and loyalty of her Faerie Admirer will bring happiness and comfort to her even though her yearning for human companionship will not be fulfilled… or will it?