Fantasy Baroque

Mary Barton’s Fantasy Baroque celebrates this distinct artistic era through its use of Bach’s Concerto for Flute and Harpsichord, period costumes, mime, and hints of traditional baroque dance steps woven through dynamic movement phrases.

“The ballet is bright and cute and frothy and frisky, like a day at the beach. And the choreography is pleasantly varied – that is, there’s a lot of it, and there’s considerable distinction to the solos and duets as certain characters get to show off in front of their partners, or in front of their friends (who, at the time, may be preoccupied with more amorous pursuits).”
Jerry Hochman, CriticalDance

“The dancers were costumed in eighteenth-century silks and powdered perukes, rather like a scene by Fragonard of gallants and their maidens come to life. Choreographically, one was reminded of Paul Taylor.”
Ralph Malachowski, Out in Jersey

“Choreographed by Mary Barton, the piece featured three couples in a whimsical, light and lovely dance. The costume design by Michelle Ferranti and head pieces by Gina Ricca perfectly complimented the tone of the ballet. Fresh and fanciful, Fantasy Baroque was a fitting centerpiece for the evening.”
Marina Kennedy, Broadway World