Romeo and Juliet

Douglas Martin’s full-length Romeo and Juliet ballet is based on Shakespeare’s tragic story, and set to Prokofiev’s passionate score. Marina Kennedy of Broadway World says, “ARB’s production of Romeo and Juliet [is] an outstanding example of dance being perfectly adapted to dramatic interpretation, with the ARB dancers in full command of their art.” Jerry Hochman of CriticalDance notes, “Mr. martin is particularly adept at choreographing stage-spanning action” and that “the duets between Juliet and Romeo…are choreographed, and were executed, with the combination of rapture and conviction, that quality of being genuine, that is necessary to make the audience feel what the dancers feel, and to respond with the cathartic release that prompts appreciative, as opposed to obligatory, applause.”

“Douglas Martin, the director of American Repertory Ballet, has a special affinity for “Romeo and Juliet.” His production of the ballet…moved seamlessly from one episode to the next, hitting all the passionate high-notes in Prokofiev’s score…. Martin’s handling of the boisterous crowd scenes — making the company appear larger than its actual size — revealed his canny professionalism. This “Romeo” marked a watershed in the company’s history.”
Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger

Balcony scene premiered: March 17, 2012
Other excerpts premiered: May 19, 2012
Full-length ballet premiered: October 11, 2013