SCHOOL YEAR | Wed., Sept., 9 – Mon., May 31

Rosh Hashanah | Closed Sat., Sept. 19
Yom Kippur | Closed Mon., Sep 28
Thanksgiving | Closed Tue., Nov. 24 – Sat., Nov 29
Winter Break | Closed Wed., Dec 23 – Sat., Jan 9
Winter Break Trainees | Closed Wed., Dec 23 – Wed., Jan 20
Presidents Day | Closed Mon., Feb 15
Spring Break | Closed Fri., April 2 – Sat., April 10
School Performance (no classes) | Sat., May 15
Last day of classes | Mon., May 31

*Virtual classes will take place after Thanksgiving until December 11. In-person resumes December 12. 

 In-Person/Virtual Groups for Fall 2020-2021 Classes
Beginning September 9, Princeton Ballet School class will be in-person/virtual classes for 2020-2021. You have been placed in either Group A or Group B. The groups will alternate each week for who will be taking class in-person and who will be taking class virtually via Zoom. If you have indicated that you prefer all Virtual classes that information has been recorded.
*These groups do not apply to trainees and open enrollment students.
Please check your Parent Portal for the group you have been assigned to.
  1. After logging into the Parent Portal, scroll down to your student’s name and click on “View [Student’s Name]” to open the student’s page.
  2. Click on the Details icon in the middle of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to Transportation. Transportation will list whether your student is in Group A or Group B.
    1. Students who choose to take all classes virtually will not be assigned to a group.
How to open virtual classes:
  1. Log into the Parent Portal:
  2. Scroll down to My Schedule.
  3. Find the class you want to open and click on the Open Virtual Class button. This should automatically open the Zoom class.


Group A
All students in Group A will take class in-person during the following weeks. All other weeks will be taken virtually via Zoom.
Week of 9/09/2020
Week of 9/21/2020
Week of 10/05/2020
Week of 10/19/2020
Week of 11/02/2020
Week of 11/16/2020
Week of 11/30/2020
Week of 12/14/2020
Week of 1/11/2021
Week of 1/25/2021
Week of 2/08/2021
Week of 2/22/2021
Week of 3/08/2021
Week of 3/22/2021
Week of 4/12/2021
Week of 4/26/2021
Week of 5/10/2021
Week of 5/24/2021

Group B
All students in Group B will take class in-person during the following weeks. All other classes will be taken virtually via Zoom.
Week of 9/14/2020
Week of 9/28/2020
Week of 10/12/2020
Week of 10/26/2020
Week of 11/09/2020
Week of 11/23/2020
Week of 12/07/2020
Week of 12/21/2020
Week of 1/18/2021
Week of 2/01/2021
Week of 2/15/2021
Week of 3/01/2021
Week of 3/15/2021
Week of 3/29/2021
Week of 4/19/2021
Week of 5/03/2021
Week of 5/17/2021
Week of 5/31/2021