Mattia Pallozzi Dancer Story

Mattia Pallozzi

Mattia Pallozzi has been dancing with American Repertory Ballet (ARB) since 2012. He began his dance career in Italy, where he first started training in ballet at the age of six. Shortly after, he stopped dancing, but rediscovered his passion for the art when he was 14 years old. He has been dancing ever since!

Mattia trained at the National Dance Academy of Rome for four years in an elite program with a special focus in Classical ballet. Although he enjoyed his time dancing in Rome, he was eager to take his dancing career to the next level. So, when he discovered that ARB was hosting an audition in Rome, it was almost meant to be. Going on a whim to audition for the company, Mattia had no expectation of packing up his life in Italy and moving the States in a few months’ time to be an ARB Trainee. He had no time to even fathom the journey he would begin when he was later offered a spot as a company dancer, but he has done nothing but excel since.

“Mattia’s movement is so smooth and silky,” says Artistic Director Douglas Martin. “His elegance and naturally calm demeanor are enhanced by his cat like movement quality and flexibility and are on display this season in roles such as Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“My career with ARB has changed me a lot as a person and dancer, all for the better,” Mattia says. He adds that he learned to be quick on his feet and became the strongest he has ever been. He feels as though his dance career in the United States had made him strong and tough. “There are many more dancers in the States, so that means there is so much more competition, and you realize you have to work to your best at any time to try to get a role, a job, or even to be noticed from a teacher. I really enjoy training with ARB’s artistic staff. They all have many years of experiences off and on stage with amazing companies. Their past experience is key to our growth process.”

ARB has offered Mattia many opportunities, performances and unforgettable experiences. Among them is having found a remarkable dance partner and friend, Karen Leslie Moscato.

“Being able to share the stage, the fears and the choreography with someone you know is really on your side is amazing.”

Among Mattia’s favorite experiences at ARB is performing the role of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. This was his first major role, and he felt honored to perform in Douglas Martin’s rendition of the ballet. He attributes his improved partnering technique to Artistic Director Douglas Martin and Resident Choreographer and Ballet Master Mary Barton, and continues to be thankful for their time and support. He was grateful to play this dream role,“…and on top of it all I danced it with my best friend, so we both knew in case of mistakes or ‘confusion’ on stage the other one was there to support each other; a quality that is very rare to find among dancers.”

Credit: Kyle Froman Photography
This dancer story was written by Fall 2016 ARB intern Julia Erickson.